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Bioinformatics Service Request Form

If you need immediate assistance, please call (515) 294-1320 or email

The Genome Informatics Facility (GIF) of the Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology provides bioinformatics services for investigators within academia, industry and government. If you have questions about a bioinformatics project you can contact us at If you would like to submit a request for bioinformatics services please submit your request using the Bioinformatics Service Request Form.


Our fees for service rates can be found here. As a general rule of thumb: The amount spent on bioinformatics will be at least as much spent on sequencing and closer to double the cost.  

This will ensure that you have enough budgeted to run the bioinformatics analysis, produce full documentation through a GitHub repo required for reproducibility and generate figures, methods, results text for a paper. The basis for this estimation is that the amount of sequencing data that can be generated continues to increase exponentially. As data increases so does the complexity of the questions that can be answered with the data. As data and complexity increases the cost of bioinformatics increases. It is easy to underestimate the cost of bioinformatics.