Will you do my bioinformatics project for authorship?

Question and Answer

Will you do my bioinformatics project for free (QC, analysis, figure generation, methods text and review the manuscript) if I put you as a middle author on our paper?


As much as we love doing bioinformatics on so many interesting biological problems, it is impossible to sustain a facility with personnel and computing power without charging for our services with a few exceptions.  When it comes to collaborations, in order to treat everyone we serve equally, we follow the following guidelines with the assumption that the data analysis does not result in an overwhelming burden on GIF.

1) Data analysis on preliminary data in an effort to generate preliminary results will be done in good faith so long as it is to go toward a grant in which members of GIF are collaborating in some significant manner (CoPI, senior personnel or significant fee for service component).  The same for experimental design advice and methods text review etc.  

2) Data analysis of any data related to a grant for which a member of GIF is partially funded on a grant with another faculty.  So long as the data in question can be considered to conform with uniform guidance for acceptable work to be performed on a grant and does not exceed in great excess the percentage of time the individual is covered by the grant.  

3) If the project does not fall into 1) or 2) the project is done for a fee for service in order to recover expenses in order to maintain a reasonable number of personnel and compute in order to facilitate NGS data analysis on campus.