New Associate Scientists

March 11, 2016

Two new Associate Scientists have joined the Genome Informatics facility.  Both started full time in the facility on February 1st, 2016.   We are very excited to have more staff in the facility.   There is an incredible need for bioinformatics support staff for data analysis and collaborative grant writing and with these individuals we can start to fill that need.

Usha Muppirala obtained her PhD with Drena Dobbs from Iowa State University in December of 2013.  Her main interests are RNA-Protein interaction, motif discovery and plathogen-host interactions.  She is working on many next-generation sequencing projects that include genome assembly, variant discovery, motif discovery, and differential gene expression analysis (RNA-Seq).

Arun Seetharam main interests are animal and plant genomics/evolutionary genomics and metagenomics. Currently, He is working on various projects involving NGS that include the de novo assembly and annotation of a teosinte genome and seriola genome, RNA-Seq, metagenomics and CRISPR technology. He is also actively developing pipelines to streamline the assembly and annotation process for newly sequenced organisms. His long-term goal is to study the genome organization and evolution of grass species

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