Bioinformatics Data Analysis



The Genome Informatics Facility of the Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology provides bioinformatics services for investigators within academia, industry and the government. Quality analysis starts with understanding the nuances of the biological question at hand and the results returned by informatics tools. For this reason, our staff works closely with the researchers to provide the best solution to their biological inquiry.

Free Consultation Services

The Genome Informatics Facility can help:

  • Review a grant to improve your odds of receiving funding
  • Provide information on data management plans
  • Suggest best practices for bionformatics analyses
  • Advise on experimental design for Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) projects

Services Available

  • Genome assembly and annotation
  • Transcriptome assembly and annotation
  • SNP/InDel calling
  • RNA-Seq analysis
  • ChiP-seq
  • Introgression mapping
  • Novel gene discovery
  • Personalized GBrowse instances for data visualization
  • Access to high performance computing
  • Custom big data projects.

Fee for service pricing.